Who Is Ludvig Sunstrom? Notes From Having Worked With Him For 1+ Year

Ludvig Sunstrom is a relatively new name in the “self help” world – with “Breaking Out Of Homeostasis” (BOOH) and “The Ultimate Commonplace System” (TUCS) to his name.

The problem with this is that although he’s gone up quite rapidly, there is hardly any reference to him beyond his social mass media occurrence (which isn’t actually that prolific) – leading a number of folks to become quite curious concerning who he is, and – more importantly – what basis his work is published under.

In the world of online promotion – where 12yr olds have the same “reach” as 100+ month old businesses – is actually essential to actually appreciate WHO you’re dealing with. As we all know, it’s EASY to mock your daily life on social media… a lot more difficult to actually stay in co?ncidence with what you’re *actually* doing.

This is why I formerly provided to Ludvig, and why My spouse and i ended up spending 1+ yr working with him over a number of tasks (including TUCS 1. 0). This article is my honest judgment of him – meant as a reference for anyone looking to buy from him by purchasing his work or reading his website.

Swedish National Living In Stockholm

Ludvig is Swedish and lives in Stockholm.

My spouse and i don’t really know what he will for cash, as this individual does not have regular employment and did not seem to have any commercial clients – at least after i met him.

I actually met him by finding his “blog” in 2014. He wrote an amount of articles which impressed me, so – like with many people who seem to be to have things figured out – I actually contacted him and began talking. As we discussed for about six months, this individual invited me to visit Stockholm which I would with my friend/business spouse during the time.

When we achieved him in Stockholm, we didn’t do very much for almost all of the week. There were several occasions where we met up and did some recording or whatever, but as well as that – there wasn’t much by way of discussion.

However, the thing that really defined the trip – for me at least – was when this individual introduced us to a new friend he’d recently been cultivating a relationship with for some time – Mikael Syding. Syding is a former hedge-fund supervisor; relatively successful by bank account – Ludvig had recently been talking to him just like how I’d recently been talking to Ludvig.

Anyhow, Ludvig had spent the complete day talking to Syding in his apartment in the centre of Stockholm; he invited us in the evening where we were able to discuss many methods from business to Napoleon. It was enjoyable for myself particularly; the cabability to hook up with people of such respect & depth is incredibly uncommon.

What He Actually Will For A Living

We don’t really know what he will for a living.

Just like many Swedes, he seems to live of wistful indulgence combined with infrequent bouts of “work”. The work he actually will – like many other Swedes – could best be described as humanitarian education. For some reason, Swedish people don’t like chatting about money, don’t like to kick up a fuss and generally abhor looking out of place. For all your talk of “contrarianism” that Ludvig espouses, your dog is actually a huge stickler for “rules”… he just discovered different rules to most other people.

Irrespective of that, Ludvig’s primary “asset” after i met him (he’d just graduated university) was a blog called “StartGainingMomentum”. This was started when he was in College or university and was a mixture of his own progress/indulgences and any discoveries he would made from the substantial numbers of “reading” he’d recently been investing in. This give attention to reading is predominantly what attracted me to him – as I’d never really considered the means of growth to be so closely associated with the material you feed your mind. This appears to be where many of his primary fans commenced to appreciate what he had to offer as well.

In 2015 – approximately you year after I attained him – he commenced the “25Minuter” podcast with his friend Mikael. The real boon of the was that it was promoted as the “official” podcast of the “TradeVenue (. ) se” web community. Mikael’s pedigree as a 10-year hedge fund manager, combined with Ludvig’s potent information from his reading, and the reach/audience derived from TradeVenue, made the enterprise immediately successful. It gained around 1, 500 guests after the premier, a number which grew to 2, 500 for the duration of its lifestyle.

Whilst Ludvig often rates numbers of 20, 1000 listeners or 2, 500, 000 downloads – in reality that the podcast likely had around 1/10th of this number of “real” audience. I’m not overly worried with the actual number; just that thousands of people tuned in every week to listen to what the duo had in store. This is both respectable and a great achievement; considering the podcasting was formerly done in Swedish.

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